SAD Solutions

SAD Solutions are a UK based company specialising in designing and producing products to help alleviate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder in sufferers.  The range of medically proven SAD Lights from SAD Solutions offers a choice of options so that anyone can receive a treatment that best suits their individual lifestyle.  Our original SAD Solutions BLUELight utilises LED technology that gives off blue light which is the most effective range in the spectrum for a short treatment of 15 minutes.  This and our SAD Solutions Mini DAYLight are compact SAD Lights that are ideal for travelling or if you lead a busy lifestyle.  Our SAD Solutions DAYLight collection favours the full-spectrum light output for variable treatment time options and is less intense than the blue light spectrum.  Choose for effective ways to help ease the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.


The SAD Solutions BLUELight is our original SAD light and is the most popular in our range. This product uses LED technology which is extremely effective for treating SAD.

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The DAYLight is one of our latest models and becomes the largest model in the SAD Solutions range, this allows for a shorter treatment time due to the larger output.

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Mini DAYLight

The Mini DAYLight is the most compact product in the SAD Solutions range which makes it the perfect travel companion and offers a more competitive price point.

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