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The SAD Solutions BLUELight works by replicating the blue light spectrum of sunlight to stimulate the Melanopsin photoreceptors to trigger the production of serotonin in the brain to reduce the effects of SAD, through a quicker treatment time.  As one of the best advances in light therapy treatment in recent years, the SAD Solutions BLUELight has eco-friendly LED lights that last for approximately a hundred thousand hours, is a compact size for travelling and usage in small spaces and works on both mains and battery power for ease of use.  The SAD Solutions Blue Light is fully programmable so you can choose how long you wish the treatment to be in the recommended range of 15 – 20 minutes. In having a SAD treatment with the Blue Light we advise placing the device at 20 – 24 inches away from you and visible in your peripheral vision.

Treatment Times

When using the lamp, try to maintain the recommended distance of 20 – 50 cm between your
face and the lamp. Usage guidelines are as follows:
– Approx. 2 hours at a distance of 60cm
– Approx. 1 hour at distance of 40 cm
– Approx. 30 minutes at a distance of 20cm

In effect, the closer you are to the source of light, the less time you need to use it.

Dimensions & Weight

The Dimension of the BLUElight are as follows

Height : 15.2cm

Width : 13.2cm

Depth : 2.4cm

The weight of the BLUElight is 287g

Battery Life & Power Specs

The battery life for the BLUElight is between 3 and 4 sessions.

Power Consumption only 10 Watts

Power Supply Mains or Rechargeable Battery

Safety & Warranty Info

Safety CE safety listed
Warranty 1 year limited

Peace of Mind Guarantee 14 day money back

Lighting & Bulbs

Light Source Blue Light LED’s
Bulbs Long lasting eye-safe LEDs
Lux 10000 equivalent
Lens Anti-glare soft light diffuser